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Super Simple Songs

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The Super Simple Songs CDs are award-winning collections of new songs and old favorites made SIMPLE for very young learners, children learning English as a Second/Foreign language, and special needs students.

What is a Super Simple Song?
A Super Simple Song is EASY for young children to sing along with.

A Super Simple Song is inviting, WARM, and not the least bit intimidating.

A Super Simple Song can be easily understood through GESTURES and DANCE, making it ideal for even pre-verbal children or young children learning English as a second language.

A Super Simple Song helps young children learn BASIC CONCEPTS and SKILLS, such as counting, ABCs, colors, shapes, directions, days of the week, body awareness and getting dressed.

A Super Simple Song promotes LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT.

A Super Simple Song BOOSTS SELF-CONFIDENCE. "I can sing these songs from beginning to end. I can do all the actions in these songs. I CAN DO IT!"

A Super Simple Song is APPROPRIATELY PACED for young learners...brisk enough to be engaging, measured enough for young children to follow along to word for word.

A Super Simple Song is CLEARLY SUNG so children can hear and understand every word.

A Super Simple Song PROMOTES PHONEMIC AWARENESS skills and attention to rhythm that helps children become better readers.

A Super Simple Song has a warm familiarity, whether it be a simplified version of a classic children's song or an original, CHILDREN FEEL RIGHT AT HOME WITH IT.

A Super Simple Song GIVES CHILDREN A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP of the music.


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