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Помогите с английским
savelevanadinDate: Суббота, 2012-10-20, 10:52 AM | Message # 1
Group: Удаленные

Вставьте следующие глаголы, при необходимости употребляя их в PASSIVE VOICE:
offer register (not) work call deal wish be employ have got prove mean (not) earn pay
There ………people in tourism who….. for themselves. They …..free-lancers. They …..fall-time for any tourist company. They …….part-time or in high season only. They ……..in low and off-season.
Among free-lancers there ……guides, guides-interpreters, escorts, animators, travel writers. Tourist companies …..them for seasonal work. Cruising companies, resort hotels and holiday centers ……animators for summer high season. Travel agencies which ……. with in-coming tourism employ guides, guides-interpreters, escorts. Travel writers……… their articles to magazines and newspapers when they …… to.
Free-lancers………... It ………that, on the one hand, they………. licenses. Licenses ……. their qualifications. On the other hand, if they…………., they……….taxes.
Free-lancers ……as a rule members of professional associations.
In high season free-lancers …….a lot of money. In low and off-season they ………any money at all or do some other Job. Teachers ……….. as free-lancer guides, students ………as escorts, actors work as animators. Travel writers…… often permanent free-lancers.
11tusnaDate: Среда, 2012-11-28, 9:02 PM | Message # 2
Group: Пользователи
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Помогите пожалуйста!!!!
1) Almost everyone in Britain and North America is exposed daily to advertising, in the press, on television and on hoardings. 2) Newspapers, magazines and television companies are dependent on advertising for a large part of their income. 3) Glossy magazines and the supplements to Sunday newspapers frequently contain full-page co-lour advertisements of different kinds, with the product or service often carefully aimed at a particular type of reader (according to age, social status, profession, sex, etc). 4) In Britain, about 64 per cent of total advertising expenditure are on advertising in the press and 30 per cent on television advertising.

5) National newspapers concentrate more on specialised advertising, especially for business and professional people, while local papers frequently have a high proportion of advertisements devoted to the sale of cars and houses. 6) All newspapers have a section called “classified ads” where small advertisements or announcements are listed under various headings. 7) Free newspapers, which are delivered weekly to most homes, have the highest advertising content of all newspapers.

8) One of the most powerful and pervasive types of advertising is that of television, and slogans used in television commercials often become popular catchphrases. 9) All the independent channels in Britain and the satellite stations include commercial breaks in their schedules, both between programmes and during them. 10) Similar commercial advertising is carried by the independent radio stations. 11) ВВС television and radio (and in the USA, CBC and PBS), however, carry no advertising.

12) Manufacturers often use other methods of promotion to advertise their products. 13) Sometimes leaflets with details of a particular product are inserted in a magazine or newspaper, or posted to a person’s home. 14) Free samples of new products are often also delivered. 15) A firm may telephone people at home to tell them about a product or service, perhaps with a special “introductory offer” to persuade them to buy. 16) As more of these direct marketing and telephone “shots” are used both in Britain and the USA, many people regard them as a nuisance and ask for their names to be taken off the mailing lists, which are often sold by one company to another.

17) In towns, advertisements are seen on almost every street, both in individual shops and on hoardings and posters. 18) Stores place eye-catching notices in the window to tempt people in, and advertisements are put on buses and taxis, and inside trains on the London Underground.

19) Many large companies sponsor popular events as well as individual athletes or players, using the opportunity to advertise their name prominently at the sports ground or on the individual’s sportswear or equipment. 20) Tobacco companies frequently use this method.

21) Advertising on British television is subject to strict regulations.

1. Превратите 5 любых утвердительных предложений из текста в вопросительные: общий, специальный, альтернативный, разделительный, вопрос к подлежащему.

2. Любые 5 предложений из текста в действительном залоге переделайте в предложения в страдательном залоге.

3. Выпишите из текста причастия и укажите:

а) какое это причастие (Participle I или Participle II);

б) в роли какого члена предложения оно выступает.

4. Напишите номера предложений, в которых имеется инфинитив или сложное дополнение, и укажите форму и залог инфинитива.

5. Напишите номера предложений, в которых имеется герундий, и укажите форму герундия.

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