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2009-09-09, 8:03 PM


Hello! I am looking forward to teaching you.

I am an experienced ESL teacher -- I taught international students from 1979 to 1999, worked as a program administrator and teacher trainer, and have written or co-written 15 textbooks.

I am especially interested in helping you understand spoken English because this is not taught very much. As you know, the English people speak sounds much different from school English. It is faster and harder to understand. I will show you why American English sounds so fast, as I have done in my book "Sound Advice: A Basis for Listening" (2nd edition).

Fortunately, grammar books are beginning to pay more attention to spoken English. I am excited to introduce the 4th edition of "Understanding and Using English Grammar" (the blue grammar book that Betty Azar created) to you. We combine grammar instruction with spoken English to help you learn English more completely.

I hope you'll visit my site often. Bye for now!

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